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Bongioanni has always meant reliability. Reliability of the models produced, but also seriousness and commitment of a company geared towards ensuring the best in terms of customer service and after-sale service.


Designed for installers

For Bongioanni installers are a resource of paramount importance. For this reason, all boilers manufactured are designed taking into account not only the final user but also those who will install and make their maintenance. Weight and overall dimensions reduced, easy access to components, accurate study of the lay-out of fittings and water and gas connections, simple installation and maintenance characterize the whole range.


Designed for the environment

Bongioanni has always had the primary goal to reduce pollutant emissions. Environment protection has been translated into design engineering of top-of-the range boilers and solar systems in terms of energy saving and reduction of pollutant emissions.

ISO Bongioanni 2011.pdf